Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The other freebie!

This is the other ball of free yarn from Lets Knit! This time I chose the bootie pattern even though I don't even know anyone who's having a girl as I thought they were so cute and I wanted to know how to make them! The added ribbon and button really completes them!
Now I've found a Uk seller of Peaches and Cream yarns I think I may just have to buy some of their Worsted cotton and make a batch of these and sling them on eBay to see what happens!
Obviously I need to change the pattern and design my own on the same lines before I sell any!

So soft!

Swooooooooooooooooon! I love this sock!! I'm still knitting it's friend but had to put this one online now to rave about it. Very expensive and lovely Debbie Bliss Rialto pure Merino. I have no idea how well it'll wash and wear but it is so soft and just lovely! As a 4 ply it shows the pattern alot better than the Dk did!

Purple people eaters!!

Taking advantage of the dirt cheap superwash with merino I decided to try my first lace pattern socks! This is Broad Ripple, another Ravelry find and sooooo easy! I now know it off by heart so if I ever get marooned on a desert island with yarn and dpns I can still make socks!
These pics were taken on my phone so don't show the lovely purple colour very well but they are gorgeous. They are very bulky though, being knitted in DK so won't fit in many shoes I own!

Hoppy Easter!

Too cute and too easy!! I made 3 of these in under 24 hrs! For the kids Easter baskets! They will have proper ribbon round their necks. This demo bunny has an i-cord string I knitted up as I had no ribbon to hand.

Free yarn!

This was made from free yarn and a free pattern in Lets Knit magazine! The photo is the wrong way up but it's a purse! My first experience of sewing a zip into knitting (thanks for the zip BettieMae!) and I now use it to keep tissues in, in my handbag!
My first time knitting bobbles which I have to say wasn't the most fun I've ever had!

Pretty in pink!

My 2nd pair of socks and the beginning of an obsession I fear! My friend Kirsty sent me this gorgeous self patterning yarn as a present and I LOVE it!

Happy Valentines!

I saw this gorgeous idea on Ravellry and decided to do them to make Valentines for Chef and the kids!
Done, but unstuffed!


1 of the cards!

Karen's scarf!

My first experience of lace work! I really enjoyed this and apart from the frustration of trying to frog sections that went wrong (very hard to do with patterns like this I've discovered) I really enjoyed it!
This WIP photo shows the colour off to the best advantage.


Rather than waste the leftover grey acrylic I made Chef a lovely ribbed iPod cosy!! Of course now I'd do it in the round but then, it was folded in half and sewn up!

The world's shortest scarf!

I love this scarf and the pattern was alot of fun, but why oh why did I listen to the pattern and only do 43 rows??? Very peculiar and so short it barely goes round my neck! Teen has taken custody of it and now wears it like a cravat!

If you go down to the woods today.....

When your children cry "Mummy, knit me a teddy" what can you do but pick up your needles?
Brown yarn courtesy of a 99p mystery lot of yarn from eBay! Scarves from leftover Debbie Bliss cotton from the stripey bag!

Jolly red socks!

My 2nd attempt at socks, and my first actual pair. Made with superwash wool with merino these were dead cheap and dead comfy!

My first experience of double pointed needles and socks!!!

Made as an experiment on huge needles with cheap nylon I only made 1 as I wasn't intending to wear acrylic socks!

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Adam's hat!

The only problem is I've not sent it to Adam yet!! Oops!

Abigails hat!!

Knitted for my friends gorgeous baby, Abigail!

It's made of sheep...

My Father's birthday was approaching and what better gift to give than something that I have fun making *chortles* I am embracing the selfish side of giving knitted gifts!
This yarn had a high wool content and actually smelt of sheep! Perfect to give to a Cumbrian!
I'm not a huge fan of the hat which came out a trifle tea cosyesque. I think it's the Knitty Gritty hat pattern..

No No No to Mo Mo Mo hair!

In my infinite wisdom I decided to knit this lovely delicate shawl/scarf thing for my Gran who's been unwell... what I didn't know when I started was what a sod mohair is to work with!!! My Lord, when it wasn't sticking to itself it was just slithering off the horrible plastic had to be frogged at one point because it was just too wide and using too much yarn and the few mistakes I'd made were glaringly obvious. Thankfully the 2nd try was better, but it still took nearly 2 weeks!
I am pleased to report though that Granny loves it so it was worth the effort I think!

Little brown bag!

One of the things I've come to love about knitting is that you can buy the wrong yarn for a project and it's not a problem! You just find another project for it!!! This was originally bought for a scarf project but was just too scratchy and not bulky enough so I made a little bag! My own pattern inspired by the cable project bag in Knitty Gritty.

Chef's scarf!

What better early project to do than a scarf for your man! Chef desired a scarf so a scarf was duly knitted. I would marry Sirdars Bigga if I were single and you could marry yarn! 2 hours, 15mm needles and 3 skeins and ta da!!!! One lovely incredibly heavy scarf!